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Folding Chairs

Stylish and functional, folding chairs are the need of the day. With the wide variety of designs, styles and materials, folding chairs can be used for a number of purposes on numerous occasions. The biggest advantage offered by these folding chairs is their flexibility, they are easy to transport, stack and store to be used as needed. From plastic to metal and wood to wrought iron, folding chairs can be used at weddings, meeting halls, conference rooms, cafeterias, hotels, churches, lawns and patios etc.

Wooden Chiavari Chairs Wooden Folding Chairs
The white wood folding chair is a timeless industry standard. It's beautiful and versatile for all types of events from weddings to corporate events. The wood folding chair has a strong design and allows for easy stacking.
Aluminium Chiavari Chairs Resin Folding Chairs
The resin folding chair is the next generation of the wood folding chair. Resin folding chairs are stronger, easier to clean, and eliminate the need for repainting and costly maintenance.
Resin Chiavari Chairs Plastic Folding Chairs
The poly folding chair is the value leader in the folding chair category. It's simple and beautiful design works for all types of events.

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